this is my life

Im literally sitting on my floor in my kitchen. I am surrounded by empty boxes and bubble wrap everywhere. I have a 6ft table set up with all of our glass merchandise. Baby bob is crying and rob just went to go check on him.

Everyday seems like it gets rougher. But also we learn how to live a certain way. Baby bob is so upset. I think his gums are bothering him. poor guy. He just woke up from a nap.

I feel like I am under high stress a majority of the time. Peyton is napping on the futon and Rob is about to try to play NHL for one of the first times in mad long. he doesn’t like to bc his left perefferal vision is all screwed up so he thinks its a deficit. eh whatever. he can still play good lol.

The goal is to de stress as much as possible. I am actively trying to de stress every aspect of my life and get a clear picture of what I really want and just will it into reality.

We have the power to do that did you know that? We are children of the universe. I know that sounds so corny.

Rob wants me to share his seizure videos on posts to the page. I feel so weird about it. I feel weird that I even thought to video them happening. like I said its to process in a different way to understand whats going on around me.

Someone had also reached out to me about their seizure journey as well and it gave me so much hope. so I guess thats also what we want to do for people is to be inspiring and give hope to others after us..who may end up experiencing the same thing.

we are learning from others dealing with this as well on a mass scale and I think thats why we got this far to begin with so it would be a sin not to document what is happening to us and how we get through it.

I did a go live in the Facebook group. 30% off glass items online. order through Venmo, Facebook, or email. whatever works then payment.

ps. we are waiting to hear back from the gamma knife center to schedule robs radiation treatment. we are afraid of it triggering more seizures.

we are hoping that when they do the next MRI it will show that his tumors have shrunk. fuckin’ word.

and this is my life.

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