Let me know if you need anything

So, I am highly disappointed but I am also shocked to see the lack of response we get from people in our area when we are actively seeking help and calling on others because that’s the only option we have.

This goes way beyond my personal circumstances at the moment and really highlights what it’s like to live in the TRI-STATE NJ area. It is cutthroat up in this bitch.

People offer to you, “Let me know if you need anything”..What happens when I actually need something?

People give a runaround. People are not reachable. People don’t get back in a timely manner. People are living their own lives with their own issues.

I got an issue. If you really don’t mean what the fuck you say. THEN DON’T FUCKING SAY IT.

Let me know if you need anything 😉


On the other hand, people come out of the woodwork randomly and do the Lord’s work. We got multiple people in similar positions as us that have reached out and made a promise to donate their ACTUAL oil to Rob.

People really are amazing and what I am looking for is those people who really have something to offer because I can appreciate the shit out of it and give something in return as well.

Calling all the good people.

Where are all the good people at?


comment below if you A GOOD PEOPLE!!

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