I Finally Videod One Of His Seizures

I finally videod one of Rob’s seizure and I feel really weird about it. It’s such a grotesque thing to video and who really actually wants to see something like that. But I mostly did it for educational purposes and to help Rob share his message of what he is going through so people can truly understand to the depths of what is happening to him.

It is hard enough to talk to people about it on a day to day basis or even really sharing through words or posts on social media. I really do this as a creative outlet to process the trauma that my family is going through. It is not an ideal situation at all.

Back to the video, it may seem weird and it may seem like it’s for attention..but it doesn’t really matter what other people think to me. I know the reasons behind all of what I do but I need to validate it to myself. People have things to say when you put yourself in a vulnerable position or allow yourself to be vulnerable. I think the world needs more of it truthfully quite honestly.

So I am going to share with you what I experienced yesterday morning..and what I have experienced at least 7-8 times before in the last 16 months.

The video I am about to share is highly graphic and disturbing. If you do not want to see Rob actively being affected by a seizure please DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. YOU CANNOT UNSEE IT. I will post the link below

Rob’s Seizure




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