My 28th Birthday

I know I left off at telling our story from my 28th birthday. It’s been almost a year and I am still in the middle of processing what has happened from then until now.


I remember messaging Rob when he was in rehab. And I felt so selfish bc I was crying about how my birthday wasn’t ever really a big event..and being selfish and just basically having a pity party for myself.

He’s super amazing..and his Mom made sure to get a cake for me an

d stuff and it was really sweet actually..We had my birthday inside his rehab center then we got pizza and wings.. but before this..

Rob woke up with an awful pounding headache and so much pain. He couldn’t get any relief so out of fear of there being a hemorrhage or something in his brain they sent him for another scan at Community hospital across the way.

They transported him over to the hospital around just before lunch time. The scans took about 2 hours long.

He then ended up sitting there until 6 pm that night..and they still would’t give human exact time between 6-8pm for pickup. This was a Sunday and visitation hours at the rehab were only open until 9pm. So not only didn’t I get to spend the day with him because he needed to be in the hospital..but I almost missed not seeing him completely at all that day.

It was very upsetting to me obviously. I was dealing with other major personal family things at that point in time as well.

I took it all into my own hands. I said off this Sheet. I went to community and busted him out of there.. f**k LoGisTicAreE! (insert sponge bob meme here).

Busted him out of the joint..and we rolled back to the rehab that was right across the street where he was staying..I gotta wrap this up because I gtg to therapy.

Later on he told me the old lady he was next to in the ER room he was in ..

he had rescued her on the night of hurricane sandy from that hotel that was getting knocked down that we posted back in July.

I said myself. He has served his community well. Now it’s time they serve him back <3


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