Injections till ??

Well on a huge plus side we’re beating this disease!!! Seems to be the combo of everything, not just one thing. We don’t want to make any false claims, especially this early on.

However my Dr did say I will have to keep getting these cancer injections till it either stops working or some other serious reason. Basically I’m stuck getting these painful injections till the end of my days… great…

Tried Talking to him about a cannabis based treatment, they really need to do some progressing around here, told me there’s not enough research and it’s still in it’s infant stages. So going that route would be suicide. Kinda funny since cannabis and CBD have been combating the side effects from the chemo and radiation his team was giving me. Probably more responsible for killing off this cancer but for now I can’t make that claim either. Unfortunately. For now I can only speculate.

I Will say while taking cannabis and CBD it makes my treatments a heck of a lot more tolerable, and if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be beating this disease or surviving the crazy side effects of western medicine.

These injections hurt pretty badly. An because they can’t inject it through scar tissue, which that’s what tattoos are, I have to get it in the leg. My upper arms have tattoos so no can do. Honestly it’s a great time my leg hurts for days afterward. Small price to pay for saving my life. Makes getting a tattoo feel like a massage haha.

I hope science comes out with something better soon…

also hoping cannabis blows the doors off the research world and shows everyone whats up real soon.


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