it’s no secret to anyone who knows me well enough or long enough. I have anger/ rage issues that stem back to when I lost my father in a violent way when I was 16. It’s something I don’t like to talk about cause it gets me going to a point where I just want to break everything in sight till my knuckles are broken.

Well whats my Dr do, puts me on an anti-seizure med that has a side effect that makes you angry or full of rage. So I end up starting dumb crap with my wife. That I normally would never even start any kind of trouble. It’s like these drs purposely want to make me worse just to mess with me I swear I can’t make this crap up. Now in the last few days my extremely smarter than me and beautiful wife had realized I wasn’t taking nearly enough CBD. So we bumped it up. Which now I feel it and feel more chill and a lot less angry. (well most of the time so far, still don’t have enough THC on the daily just yet) But we are getting close to what we are thinking is the proper dosage for me. through the research and talking to other cancer patients that have had success.

After discussing everything and how much of a horrible experience this has been. We both decided that I’m DONE with the pills and the terrible side effects. We are going strictly with CBD and THC. An We will continue to beat this nightmare of a disease with just medical cannabis alone!!! (in conjunction with the already completed chemo and radiation treatment and diet changes) I am going to be seeing my Dr on Wed and I’ll be informing him of my plans. I also don’t care at this point what he has to say. after everything he’s been putting me through I’m completely fed up with his closed minded old ways. O yea just so you all know I told these drs at RWJ that I have my medical cannabis card and I want a medical cannabis based treatment and they blew me off told me “We don’t do that here” and pretty much you don’t like it oh well. You’re treated like just another number, they waste hours of your time for such simple procedures. They really made me feel worse about this whole thing and dread having to go to any and every appointments I had.

Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely grateful and thankful for Dr Hanft and the fact he SAVED my life and got the tumor out of my head. The rest of these drs though. Have me doubting and questioning everything they do. Cause all they’ve been doing is messing me up. I’ll be back soon when I need to rage out again. Thanks for the continued support and love from everybody.


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