My Husband’s Brain Surgery Pt 2.

I remember Hanft coming out to the waiting area where het met with Robin and I. It was a very warm, comforting energy. He was very pleased with himself and the work he had done. It wasn’t arrogant or cocky, he just seemed to be really excited to be able to remove this toxic tumor out of Rob’s head.

He said he wanted to give himself a pat on the back for the awesome job he did. He told us he removed all of the tumor. This was amazing news. Sometimes people’s tumors are inoperable or there is just too much risk at once to be able to try and remove the tumor. In a sense we got really lucky. it was very accessible and it seemed the only major side effect (well one of them I guess they are all pretty major but I am trying to keep perspective and positive for myself and us) was his optical cortex. Specifically on his left side since the tumor was in the right side of his brain. Anyway, so he successfully removed the tumor and surgery was a success!! YAY!!

That meant I could see him very soon! This was around 12:30 I believe. I don’t know that was an extremely long morning. I think we still had to wait another hour. It was 3 months ago, almost. It feels like just yesterday but we have come so far in such a short period time it feels forever ago too.

After they moved him to SICU he kept telling me “fuck that tumor” throwing up his devil horns.

I remember us walking to him in the first recovery area he was in. I look at his stall number and it was 17. I just thought it was weird because we got married on the 17th and in 2017 and Peyton was born on the 17th. Weird. Anyhow, I remember him being so groggy and out of it. He was responsive surprisingly.

I remember leaning over to him over the bed rail and telling him that I was proud of him and that he did good. I told him that he got it all out and he was on his way to recovery.

“Fuck that tumor.”

Typical Rob. (LOL) He was there. I remember saying well he said

” ‘fuck that tumor’, I guess he’s all there.”

Robin and I were crackin’ up. It was a really nice moment. It just solidified to me that even though he had just undergone brain surgery and that we were dealing with something so far out of our realm, I still had him. He was still with us. It was very comforting.

The thing about Rob is, you don’t really have to wonder where you stand with him. You know when you call on him, he’ll be there. Doesn’t matter what’s happened or what’s going on..he’ll be there for you in a heartbeat. He is very consistent and genuine. That’s just a few of the reasons why I love him so much.

We were only able to spend about 20 minutes with him before we had to part ways again.

They would be moving him to SICU. That’s a whole other experience.

His cousin Ed was there 2 days prior to him. Same hospital, getting brain tumors removed. It was a very strange occurrence and seemed super random and..I don’t exactly know. But it was nice to have familiar faces around and extra comfort in that time. We were there for each other <3. It was really nice.

From SICU they transferred him to a rehab in Tom’s River, Health South.

Time for a ride..


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