Energy Exchange

Sippin’ my CBD coffee. It’s way early. The sun still isn’t out. It’s nice to be awake during this time sometimes. It’s like everything is still and you don’t owe the universe anything just yet. There’s time before having to sell your soul to get through the days.

This whole journey has just got me to thinking and understanding more and more energy exchange. I don’t believe in a “God”. I don’t follow a religion. I believe in the universe and the exchange of energy. It goes back to the laws of physics and science. Those are the things that can be explained mostly. Not always. But mostly.

“lookin’ at my history..I’m bad at love..”

Listenin’ to my iTunes on my Mac. Life is heavy man. There is so much weight to carry. Speaking of energy exchange, I am finally learning to release energy that does not serve me. It’s teaching me what I do and do not need to carry with me. It is very liberating. It gives me a chance to rebalance and go back to homeostasis.

I am tired. I am sad. I am very emotional. I have way too many questions to ask way far beyond my comprehension of what the next day is even going to bring. I’ve never felt so blindsided in my whole entire life.

It doesn’t stop me from living and enjoying life. If anything, it may enhance the joys of my life. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying listening to my music in my headphones and writing out this blog post. The day has only just begun. I’m excited to see where it brings me.

I have to be grateful for everything and all experiences in my life in order to keep attracting great experiences. I have to appreciate those experiences, be grateful, and just keep attracting positive energy.

Much Love and Peace
xoxo Y

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