THC/CBD and Western Medicine and Side Effects

This isn’t a debate. I’m doing everything and anything I can to save my life. Just like when I was a firefighter. When survival mode kicks in and all you can think about is fight or die. Then that’s exactly what you do. So I’m using any and all legal methods to kill this grade 4 Brain Cancer off. THC. CBD. Vitamin C. Western Medicine…. I’m already proving that by being a card carrying medical marijuana user here in NJ and I’m part of a trial vaccine study. where they are injecting synthetic human DNA into me, I know sounds like something out of a movie like terminator haha! But like I said I ‘m going to do whatever the #$^ I have to. Plus one of the pros was shorter chemo and radiation treatment. Only 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks of hell. O and just so you know these shots are intense,and hurt like hell for days afterward. 4 people have to hold me down so they can properly inject it into me. Not just once but 3 times. with electro-pulses behind it to activate to cells and everything gets going to work with my body. My wife could definitely explain it better than me. She has a science based background and understands this way better than I do. But since she’s still sleeping I’ll just finish this out for now. For this has become my new way to vent, new regular thing. Trying to Educate and communicate. Still trying to figure this site out so bare with me for a minute if I don’t exactly respond back in a timely fashion. I apologize already. Keep in mind. I’m Still learning how to deal with losing half my vision…. but I’ll get there don’t worry.

I do want everyone to know that the THC/CBD combo has been combating the side effects from chemo and radiation. If anything it has been getting me through this better than anything else. Aside from my family…

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