Seizures Are BRUTAL!!!

Wow when it hits… I fight it… but I only get a few seconds then it’s lights out! I’m gone, no control over what I’m doing or what’s going on. I end up not remembering anything. Hurting myself. It scares the hell out of my family and friends. It’s so exhausting when I do come out of it, feel like I ran a 5k race or fought an intense fire. Just feel so drained and exhausted like I could sleep for a few days.

In a way I’m glad my daughter is so young that she won’t remember most of this. But on the other hand if she was older that she could help my wife out and be more supportive for her in ways but hey nothing ya can do bout that. That’s just life and timing.

No matter what we’ll keep fighting on and never surrender!

Thank you and Love you all for the support throughout all this!!!


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