Waking up face down in your own blood

…so it’s around 2 a.m. in the morning I’m getting another bad migraine cause I’ve been hustling my butt off all day and night driving for Lyft in the East Brunswick/Edison area recently just cause it’s been a busy lucrative area. I decide to stop for a minute so I can get out an stretch and crack my neck. So I stop on this quiet side street called Seminary Pl. As soon as I step out of the car… lights out! All of the sudden everything went black I go face first into the side walk, boom! broken nose. I’m still not sure how long I was out for but I eventually wake up on my own. See the car, the door wide open, nobody’s around. I’m covered in blood and have more and more just pouring out of my head getting in my eyes. I realize I’m only a few blocks away from RWJ, if I can just get help I’ll be OK, but I just sustained a major blow to the head, I couldn’t even think to call 911 or just even hit the emergency button on my cell phone. Survival mode kicked in (cause I’m a fighter) I get in the car. grab all the napkins out of the glove box to control the bleeding. Take a quick look on the lyft app I still had open, look at the map, RWJ is 3 blocks away. go up make a left make a right and another left and I’m there, even somehow parked in the parking garage and stumbled into the E.R. they ran a MRI scan and found a tumor in the middle of my brain.


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