Things Change in the Blink of an Eye.

So..I am back in the ER with my husband. Its 10:02 PM on a Wednesday night. This morning we woke up and everything was normal. It was a normal day, normal routine.. we spent some time at his parents house ate some pizza and had a good time..

We left around idk 7-730. We got home and he started doing the dishes like the amazing husband he is. I was on the phone with a friend and goofing around with my baby girl and she was babbling on the phone to my good friend making him laugh and whatnot.

I hung up the phone and not 30 seconds later..I look up..and I see Rob looking at the ceiling..and turning in a circle. I thought he was following the path of a bug or a fly..

“Hey..what are you looking at?”

Unresponsive. He turned in a circle again. I had then realized what was happening, ANOTHER SEIZURE.

As I realized what was happening I couldn’t even get to him in time to try and attempt to catch him. Not that I even could have considering I am 4.5 mos pregnant.

He fell to the floor. Face down. I could hear him breathing but he was gasping for air.


Unresponsive he lie there on the kitchen floor, his body seizing, foaming at the mouth and bleeding from the nose.

I stood there frozen for about 25 seconds, thoughts rushing through my head at an alarming rate.

“What do I do? What do I do, what do I do?!”

Call 911. Drop some CBD oil in his mouth. Call 911. Make a move, pick up peyton because she is screaming and crying. CALL 9-1-1.

Dial 911.

“Hi my husband is having a seizure!”

“Is he breathing?”

“Yeah, he’s breathing but it sounds like he is snoring..”

In the midst of being on the phone with 911..Rob starts to come out of the seizure. Except he is not coherent.

He sits up. His eyes are wide, mouth open, breathing extremely heavy. He starts crawling around on the kitchen floor, feeling his way around his surroundings..


“MA’AM I need you to stay quiet so I can get through to dispatch. Can you get him to lay down on his side.”

I’m standing there trying to hold him up so he doesn’t fall over again and risk hitting his head or harming any other part of his body..I try talking to him but he is not coherent. He is still unresponsive, yet somehow he is standing and breaking out of the seizure.

“Ma’am can you get him to sit or lay down on his side..”

I’m standing there not wanting to leave his side out of fear he is going to fall or keep seizing.

I’m on the phone with 911 and I just draw a blank. I’m standing there, listening to my baby scream and cry, all the while trying to physically hold my 170 lb husband up, while trying to follow instructions from the 911 dispatcher.

What. Do. I. Do.

I finally hang up with 911 and get rob to sit in a chair.

“Are you ok?! You just had a seizure.”

“What? When?”

“Now, now. You just had a seizure.”

EMTs show up.

“Hi sir how are are you feeling?”

“Confused. Tired.”

“Do you know your name?”


“Where are you?”


“Where is home? What is the address..?”

“……i dont know.”

“Who is the president?”

“……I dont know.”

Other EMT turns to me.

“Which hospital?”

“What? You have to take him?”

“Since he is very confused and disoriented, yes.”


“…is the closest.”

“Yes, ok that one.”

They get the chair and cart him off. I scramble to start making my necessary calls.

I make all the necessary calls..and get my ducks in a row. I compose myself. My friend calls me on the way to the hospital.

“Stay calm..just breathe..he is in a safe place now”

“I know but I can’t stop picturing it in my head. It’s so disturbing. It’s so disturbing to see your loved one go through that. He’s standing there one second then the next he drops on the floor in the blink of an eye. I am so helpless. I can’t help him. I can’t do anything for him..these images are going to haunt me for days..”

There is nothing like experiencing someone have the onset of the seizure and the seizure itself. I have never witnessed something so terrifying in my life. It is completely disturbing and horrifying to witness. I will never wish this on anybody.

The way the body seizes up, the way the arms curl in and then hands freeze. His mouth stuck open like he is screaming but no sound coming out. His face looks like he is trying to cry for help and he is frozen in a state of seizing.

And all I can do is stand there and watch..



  • Diane Rezny says:

    I’m so sorry Michelle.. Your descriptiveness in relating the horror you both experienced is unbelievable.
    Love & Prayers to you both, Aunt Diane

    • getlitsmokeshop says:

      Thank you Aunt Diane, I will continue to do my best to relay as best I can what this awful experience is like everyday. Thanks for your kind words. Love you xoxox

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