Why were we MIA?!

I have a lot of feelings and emotions flying through me right now. I just got done re reading about GW pharmaceuticals and how they are going to start rolling out their RX formulated oral suspension Epidiolex with CBD as their main active ingredient.

I got really amped up and frustrated at first. I have felt personally victimized by pharmaceutical industries for the last 8 years of my life. I have personally seen how money driven they are, how money hungry they are. They need to be exposed and everyone needs to know and believe the truth about it. I am getting side tracked.

Anyhow, we have been MIA. It’s quite a story to tell. I am pretty tired but I will do my best to tell from my POV from the very beginning what has transpired. Wow. What has transpired..when I think about it, I close my eyes and let out a big sigh and feel so exhausted.

As many of you may know..we were well on our way to opening up our brick and mortar location down here in Downtown Toms River on Main Street.

On Halloween we had attended the outside fall farmer’s market and were preparing to get ready to open our location..

..then all hell broke loose..

I am signing off for now. It is late and I have work early in the morning. I will create another post to begin to finish telling our story and what has happened these last 2-3 months..

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