FDA Makes it known they want to deschedule CBD.

If you take a look at this article here, written just two weeks ago you’ll read that the FDA wanted to make it clear that they are in favor of de-scheduling CBD.

“Last week, reports surfaced that the FDA had called for the complete descheduling of CBD — the non-psychoactive cannabinoid most commonly associated with pain relief and epilepsy medication — but DEA pushback resulted in a Schedule 5 classification for only FDA-approved drugs”

Bound by some old out dated treaty that nobody really cares about anymore except the DEA, CBD was forced into schedule 5 classification for FDA approved drugs. At least its still considered FDA approved although it was forced into a category simply because of, WHAT, I don’t know.. things that are certainly unrelevant to the bigger picture on making a positive change in the communities. BUT ALAS WE MADE IT.

-C. Chemist



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